How To Avoid Heart-Break From Men.

How To Avoid Heart-Break From Men.

You have to be principled, being principled means, having a strong belief that influences your actions. Be a different woman. Have focus in life. Men are not God, all they need from you is your respect as and when due but always remember to say no to what you don’t like and respect they say is reciprocal.

Pray less and have a skill, prayer is important but good skill will put food on your table and smile at your face. Pay your bills, don’t be a beggar, don’t beg them for money cos, they are not your ATM machine, work hard and make money and take care of yourself. Be creative, don’t waste your precious time crying for someone that doesn’t know your value, utilize your time, bring out new ideas and be resourceful.

Don’t be a pretender cos you will keep pretending to keep him. Stop choking the innocent man with love, off course, love your man but have some reserve.

Give him space, men need space. Get busy with something. Please, don’t pay his bills, don’t forget to give him food each time he visits you and little gift on his birthday, give him something that you can easily let go, remember he may still meet another woman that is far richer than you, therefore, your gift won’t keep him.

Say no to no and yes to yes. Don’t be his errand girl, doing everything for him is never a guarantee that he will marry you, as you are busy doing that, the young man will be busy calling other ladies that don’t have his time.

If he doesn’t call you often, please reserve your airtime for other guys that are dieing for you, even though, they may not be what you really want, to me, what matters is love not only the physical appearance. If he doesn’t reply your text messages, please don’t pick his calls nor call him.

Please his dealing with other women should never be your problem, cos he is not yet your husband. Don’t fight for your boyfriend , if you start fighting now, you will keep fighting. If you are not domesticated in your home, please don’t change because you visited his parents, show your real colour.

Tell him how much you love him but that should not be taken for granted. If you discover that his attitude has changed towards you, please be the first to say goodbye, don’t give him opportunity for heart break. Don’t reject him because he is poor, but make sure that he is not a gold digger.

Don’t lower your standard because you want to settle down, be moderate. Don’t lie about your age, cos you will keep lieing to keep him, remember choice differs, while some guys want little girls as wives, others want matured ladies that will build with them, such is life.

See yourself as a queen even when you are ugly, most men wants brain, wisdom and virtuous women, not pretty women that has nothing to offer. Don’t force yourself on a man cos he may take your love for granted. Stop wasting your time in gossip and discussing people, try to have multiple source of income.

Be yourself, be satisfied with what you have. Stop going to pastors for prophecy, some of them are fake and may mislead you. Ask yourself what you want in a man? Finally, utilized your time, no man want to associate with a failure, no man wants a novice as wife.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I cant stop laughing, visit for more topics on relationship.

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