Women are emotional beings, women can easily die for love, they are often ready to fight with their rival, if a woman fails to do the following, it therefore means that, she is seeing another man and never in love with you. If a woman doesn't show any sign of jealousy, please stay away from her.

If she doesn't care or nag over your affair with other women, whether you are dating them or not, a woman that loves you will always feel that something is going on. If she doesn't demand for money once in a while, two things are involved, is either her parents are comfortable or she's probably seeing another man that provides for her.

If she force you to give her money even when you explain to her that you are broke, please run for your life. Remember, a woman that has some feelings for you, may go ahead dishing out her money to make you happy, even though men often abuse such privilege.

If she tells you when to reach her on phone and when to visit her, please know that she's a run,s girl, therefore no hope for you. If she doesn't disturb you about visiting you, please no hope for you. If she doesn't beg you to take her to your relations, especially your mother, please know that she doesn't have your time.

If she doesn't say sorry for once, please let her be. If she dosent complain that her neighbours are eyeing you, no love. If she cries and beg you to continue loving her, even when it is clear that she is losing you, please don’t see her as a fool, she is emotionally carried away, therefore love her.

NOTE : A woman that truly loves you and want to settle down with you might even go ahead to borrow money from friends and prepare food for you each time you visit her. If she does not contribute to your life in any way, please stay away.

If all she does is to discover new club house and fast food joints, please run! run!! run!!!A woman that truly loves you will not force you to be taking her out on weekly basis. If she insist on taking pregnant pill, even when there's commitment , please run! run!!run!!!she is not ready to marry you, she is after your money.

If she often demand for money after sex, please cut off. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, shine your eyes, I cant stop laughing. Visit our blog @ www.estherokeketv .com for more relationship advise.

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