How to bring your Man Home.

How to bring your Man Home.

There are different ways of bringing your Man home, these includes 1. MAKE LOVE TO HIM Sex has a way of relaxing a man. You will change his mood when you make love to him, especially if you are the one who seduces him and initiates it 2. DON'T MAKE THE HOME A WARZONE If coming home to you is coming home to yet another argument and fight where you explode and turn everything into an issue, he will dread coming home and it hurts when home is a place to run away from, not to run to 3.

ASK HIM HOW HE IS Most women want the husband to ask them "How was your day?", "How did you sleep?" "How are you?" yet they rarely ask the husband these.

If these questions make you feel cared for, your husband also wants to feel cared for 4. ORGANIZE HIS LIFE A lot of men can be disorganized, especially when they are going through a lot in life or have a lot on their mind.

This chaos in their system, dressing, schedule or environment can lead to more unease on their mind. When you help him clear the clutter and attend to some of his needs without him asking, he will think better 5. DON'T ATTACK HIS MAN CAVE Most have a man cave. This is an activity they do or a place they go to perhaps a room; maybe to play a game, watch TV, meditate and think, write, read, create, work out or just be.

Don't attack this, just agree with him on how he can balance his time so that he doesn't spend too many hours in his man cave 6. PRAY FOR HIM You are the one who knows best his potential, struggles, battles and questions; commit him to prayer.

Let him hear you pray for him 7. HELP HIM OUT FINANCIALLY A lot of men are going through stress due to finances. Help him, by not putting pressure on him to give the family a lifestyle he can't afford at present, by helping to pay some of the bills, by helping him manage finances better, by saving and seeking long term investments, by stepping up especially when he has been fired or going through business losses 8.

AFFIRM HIM A man can get tired, a man can go through burn out, a man can question himself, a man can worry, a man can get discouraged; which is why it is important for you to remind him of his greatness, celebrate his achievements and tell him how proud you are of him.

This motivates him 9. STAY FAITHFUL TO HIM Nothing destabilizes a man like when he suspects or finds out that the wife he loves and has given his all to is entertaining, flirting, sleeping with or longing to be with another man.

Spare him this torture 10. BE EASY TO TALK TO Most men show a tough face and don't open up to anyone because they trust no one.

This is how many of them go through depression and suffer in silence. They long to find a confidant who they can reveal themselves and their deepest joys and pain to; be that confidant 11. SMILE The smile of the woman a man loves keeps him going.

Your smile inspires him and makes him want to do more for you to keep it 12. KISS HIM Kissing him shows affection. Kiss him not just on his lips, kiss his cheeks, his arms, his back as you tell him you love him 13. MASSAGE HIM Home massages are the best. Invest in some good massage oils and ask him occasionally to lie down and give him a feel good massage.

Lie down too so that he can return the favour 14. MAKE NEW MEMORIES WITH HIM When he is spending time with you - face to face or online, make new memories together; joke with him, tease him, play with him, have stimulating conversations with him, do something new.

This will recharge him and make him miss you when you two are apart And after she does all these my guys, give her love, give her plenty money as your hand reach, take her on beautiful vacations, be romantic and respectful ,attentive and considerate to her, any woman who gives you peace deserves more than all that’s listed here.

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