WOW:RCCG helps patients pay their hospital bills.

WOW:RCCG helps patients pay their hospital bills.

Some patients at the Ijede General Hospital and the Ikorodu General Hospital in Ikorodu have received assistance from THE Redeemed Christian Church of God in paying their medical fees. The generosity was a part of the church's 70th anniversary celebrations, according to a statement from the organization.

The following was stated in the statement: "The church authorities, through Pastor Nathaniel Adejuwon, Region 26, have decided to assist patients in light of growing concerns and reports of impoverished patients not being able to settle their medical bills as a result, experiencing excruciating pains and embarrassments.

According to reports, some patients in the intensive care and emergency rooms are unable to pay their medical fees. The head of the RCCG visiting team, led by Pastor Nathaniel Adejuwon, stated that the gesture is also a part of the Church's Christian Social Responsibility when handing over the checks to the hospital administration.

"After accepting the check, Dr. Taiwo Hassan, Medical Director of the Ikorodu General Hospital, commended the Church for its love of people and the neighborhood. "A similar check was given to Ijede General Hospital, and Dr.

Olumuyiwa Balogun-Oluwa, the deputy medical director, accepted it.

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