PANDEMIC:Continue wearing face masks as COVID-19 instances rise, says the NCDC

PANDEMIC:Continue wearing face masks as COVID-19 instances rise, says the NCDC

Dr. Ifedayo Adetifa, Director-General of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control, has counseled the Kogi State government not to let its guard down in the fight against COVID-19. Adetifa provided the advice after the state governor, Yahaya Bello, issued an order prohibiting the wearing of face masks in public areas as part of measures to combat insecurity in the state.

As part of the state government's response to a number of security breaches reported in the state recently, Bello had on Tuesday both ordered the destruction of shanties in some locations and outlawed the wearing of face masks in public places.

At a meeting with all first- and second-class traditional rulers, including local government chairmen in Lokoja, the governor issued the directions. The COVID-19 is a threat to everyone living in Nigeria, according to Adetifa, who stated as much in an interview with our correspondent.

"As such, we must not let down our guard." The head of the NCDC stated that a steady rise of COVID-19 cases across the nation is being recorded by the organization's surveillance system. According to him, 230 nations reported a total of 575,887,049 confirmed cases, indicating a comparable trend worldwide.

This serves as a reminder of the ongoing risk we confront and the importance of adhering to non-pharmaceutical therapies including the wearing of face masks in enclosed spaces, maintaining physical distance, and often washing hands.

These should be carried out in addition to the immunizations, which have been shown to be secure and efficient in lowering the risk of serious COVID-19 sickness. There have been some clear difficulties, and we acknowledge that each state faces different difficulties. We are still dedicated to helping the states that fall under our purview and to advocating persistently for innovative partnerships that would help end the pandemic and guarantee Nigeria's health security.

The Kogi State Government has come under fire from medical professionals for prohibiting the usage of face masks there.

They characterized the prohibition as a move by the governor to support his assertion that COVID-19 does not exist in his state.

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