Osinbajo: "Local weaponry manufacture is essential to combating insecurity."


On Thursday, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo argued in favor of domestic manufacture of military hardware, particularly armament. He said that the action will maintain the Nigerian military "several steps ahead" of the non-state actors that have long been a driving force behind the nation's asymmetric warfare.

Additionally, the Vice President argued in favor of domestic weapon production, arguing that we would never be able to create a military-industrial complex if we chose to import rather than make. Osinbajo made this statement after hearing a presentation on "Defence Transformation and National Security: Strategic Options for Nigeria of the Future" from the National Defence College Course 30 participants during a virtual interaction late on Wednesday, according to a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Laolu Akande.

The statement, "We need to step up local production of arms and be steps ahead of terrorists and bandits," said, in part, "If you look at the challenges we are facing and the nature of those challenges, it is evident that we need to be many steps ahead of non-state actors in particular, who are perpetrators of this asymmetric warfare that we are experiencing.

"Given the realities of our security position right now, it is obvious that we must move through with all of our future plans as quickly as possible in order to deal with both the threats we are currently facing and those we will face in the future.

The issue of manufacturing military gear locally is one of the most important ones, and in my opinion, it is a low-hanging fruit in terms of producing some of the stuff that we will require. I believe that it is crucial to take a thorough look at indigenous hardware production, starting with weapons, especially at this time.

Osinbajo praised the course participants' initiatives to suggest improvements in the defense industry and emphasized the necessity of local arm production. "If we decide to import instead of produce locally, then we will never develop our military-industrial complex," he said.

"If we say the local companies should produce some of the mobile platforms like Armoured Personnel Carriers and Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle, if we give them the contracts, they will produce. He emphasized the requirement for openness in the administration of funds allocated for the purchase of hardware by defense and security organizations.

Col. A. A. Adamu made several suggestions on behalf of the Course 30 participants, including reorganizing the Ministry of Defence to address current issues and address new dangers to defense and security.

While expressing gratitude for the chance to deliver the presentation, he also prayed for the Vice President, who is currently recovering, to recover quickly.

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