NIPOST cracks down on phony logistics providers in Ogun

NIPOST cracks down on phony logistics providers in Ogun

In Ogun state, illicit courier and logistics operators have come under pressure from the Enforcement Team of the Courier and Logistics Regulatory Department of the Nigerian Postal Service. The squad raided and shut several of the offices in the state capital of Abeokuta where the suspected illegal operations and logistics were being run.

Omida, Ibara, Kuto, and the state's Oke-Mosan axis are some of the regions impacted by the operations. In order to prevent unauthorized and illegal courier and logistics operators, the team sealed Standard Delivery Express and Fex Delivery businesses and seized their motorcycles.

The team's leader, Worimebgbe Banks, Assistant General Manager, Ethics, Complaint, and Strategy, told the media that their actions were carried out in accordance with the NIPOST act and regulatory operational rules. Banks revealed that a similar operation had been conducted in Oyo, Enugu, and Abuja, adding that the exercise had been successful and would continue each month.

He emphasized that there are a lot of unregistered and illegitimate courier and logistics firms infiltrating the sector. The team leader said, "Public scorn, safety and security issues, and unethical sharp practices have turned into a threat to the industry and society.

" He cautioned potential private investors in the postal, express, courier, and logistics industries to follow the correct procedures and apply for a license from NIPOST in accordance with the legislation, failing which they would be subject to the full force of the law and prosecution.

We have a courier regulator at the Sapon Post office in Ogun State, the man declared. They must therefore go through the standard procedure to prevent harassment.

"They may work freely without worrying about intimidation or being detained by the local or state government, and they can relax knowing that they are engaging in legitimate business that is approved by the authorities. "The motorcycles were impounded not as a form of punishment but to ensure that they appeared at NIPOST to complete the required tasks.

"NIPOST will issue them a license after the required registration, and they can begin working without fear of intimidation from anyone," the statement continued. He emphasized that no one in the country has an excuse for operating illegal courier and logistics firms because of the many categories of operating licenses and the flexible payment plan for those who can't pay in full at once.

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