DIVORCE SAGA:Ne-wife Yo's files for divorce, makes number of new accusations

DIVORCE SAGA:Ne-wife Yo's files for divorce, makes number of new accusations

Ne-estranged Yo's wife Crystal Renay has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Ne-Yo is an American singer and songwriter. According to TMZ, Crystal, who wed Ne-Yo in 2016, listed July 22, 2022 as the date of separation in the divorce papers. Despite having three children together, the singer, according to Crystal, just fathered a child with another lady.

She continued by saying that ever since their divorce, she had been responsible for raising their three kids alone. Crystal stated in the divorce lawsuit that there was "no possibility for reconciliation" and that the marriage was irreparably shattered.

Crystal required joint legal and physical custody of the kids as part of her divorce settlement. The artist has reportedly also been required to pay child support, according to TMZ. In a statement posted on her Instagram page on Sunday, Crystal said that throughout the eight years she knew Ne-Yo, many women "who sell their bodies to him unprotected" have shared their husbands with her.

The singer's wife suggested that she had dropped her husband's last name by signing the statement with her maiden name, Crystal Renay.

The singer, who was born Shaffer Smith, had recommitted to Crystal in April 2022. This is Crystal's second divorce petition in her marriage. In 2020, she initially filed one that she later withdrew.

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