BBNaija 2022:After fighting over Phyna, Eloswag and Chomzy make up in bed.

BBNaija 2022:After fighting over Phyna, Eloswag and Chomzy make up in bed.

Eloswag and Chomzy, housemates on Big Brother Naija season 7 who had argued over Phyna, made up in bed a short time after their altercation. There is a first-time blowout among the Level 1 Housemates! The source of disagreement was the constant teasing Eloswag was receiving from Bell and Chomzy, two Level 1 housemates, regarding the passionate kiss he exchanged with Phyna, a Level 2 housemate, at last week's Saturday Night Party.

For making fun of him and for kissing Level 2 Housemate Phyna last week at the Saturday night celebration, Chomzy had earlier confronted Eloswag. Chomzy was trying to make amends for their earlier quarrel when he found Eloswag in his bed.

Eloswag came down hard on Chomzy, warning her and the other Housemates not to joke about and not to talk about what happened the week before. Then, as Bella stood up for Chomzy in front of Eloswag, Eloswag became even more upset.

He authorized Bella to stay out of the conflict. Sheggz, her love interest, then walks in, taking Bella's place after Eloswag forewarned her. Eloswag was cautioned by Sheggz, who was after him, to refrain from disparaging Bella. Shortly after the altercation, Sheggz had to call Eloswag and Bella to explain why he had to step in for Bella.

He claims that he would stand in for each and every one of the female Housemates since he views them in the same light as he does Bella. Eloswag went to meet Chomzy in bed shortly after to address their issues while kissing her.

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