Abuja may soon witness fuel shortages, according to oil marketers

Abuja may soon witness fuel shortages, according to oil marketers

The Federal Capital Territory's residents may soon face another round of gasoline shortages, as The PUNCH has reliably learned that tanker drivers have chosen not to deliver goods there because of the FCT's poor road system and high diesel costs. This information was provided to our correspondent on Tuesday by sources with the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria and the Depot and Petroleum Products Marketers Association of Nigeria.

They said that despite the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited's assurance that there would be sufficient supplies, members of the National Association of Road Transport Operators were not prepared to deliver the goods to the nation's capital.

Additionally, it was learned that NARTO members had lost no fewer than seven tankers, some of which contained products, as a result of Abuja's poor road system.

"As of Tuesday, marketers were willing to pay up to N1.2 million to transport goods to Abuja, but no driver was willing to risk their lives and their tanks. There is ample goods there, but drivers won't go there, according to DAPPMAN. Additionally, the marketers bemoaned the increased freight expenses.

"The dollar was between N600 and N620 when the price of gasoline jumped last month, but it is currently N700. NNPC vehicles are now included in the $50,000 per day cost of hiring a vessel. We still pay for vessels in dollars, and it costs more than $50,000 per day to transport goods to places like Calabar, the DAPPMAN source continued.

The DAPMAN member's claims were supported by an IPMAN source, who emphasized that tanker drivers were reluctant to transport goods from Warri to Abuja due to poor roads. Aloga Ignatius, the executive secretary of the National Association of Road Transport Operators, declined to comment on the situation when approached.

I'm attending a meeting. Can't talk," he stated, urging our correspondent to send a text message. As of the time this report was filed, the text received no response.

Akpan Ekpo, an economics and public policy professor at the University of Uyo in Akwa Ibom State, urged the federal government to replace tankers with trains as a new mode of transportation for petroleum products across the nation. "If the truckers continue to refuse to transport goods to Abuja, it would lead to stockpiling and ultimately shortages, which will result in high prices," he said.

This news will harm our GDP and raise inflation, which is undoubtedly bad for the economy. "Nigeria ought to use the practice of transporting fuel by trains. Transporting goods via tankers is outdated.

And once more, the roads ought to be fixed as quickly as possible," he remarked. The change follows a recent period of scarcity in the FCT that lasted from February until July. Fuel prices eventually rose from N165 per litre to N179 to N190 per litre as a result of the months of scarcity.

Abuja may soon see new fuel shortages, according to marketers

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